If you have Grade 12/Ordinary Level, Higher Level/Advanced Level, Diploma or Degree you are most welcome to take active participation and enrol for any Programme with Gaborone University College of Law and Professional Studies (GUC) represented by St. Antony Universal College (AUC) in Namibia as its Admission Centre. AUC is an associate college of GUC which is a fully accredited University in the Republic of Botswana.


St. Antony Universal College is a privately-owned tertiary education institution. It offers a wide range of NQA-accredited and internationally recognized programmes to suit the career needs of our graduates, and also human capital development initiatives. To ensure that the programme you wish to apply for is accredited and recognized, please complete the NQA Form attached through this link . Please complete the name of the programme you wish to apply for and submit to NQA Offices in Namibia. Please remember to state Gaborone University College of Law and Professional Studies as the full name of the Institution and the Botswana as the Country of Origin. AUC takes accreditation seriously and encourages all students to study programmes which are fully accredited in its country of origin, which is Botswana.

Our Mission

AUC will provide broad access to research-informed, world-class innovative and flexible education and training in nationally responsive and globally relevant fields to advance the Nation’s vibrant innovation- and knowledge-based economy with a regional and international perspective

Our Vision

To be a leading center of higher education and technical and vocational training in diverse fields for achieving sustainable human, and socio-economic development of all people in Namibia, the region and the world.

Our Values

To achieve its vision and fulfill its mission, AUC will serve with academic excellence, equity, social responsibility, integrity, public accountability, compassion, openness, respect for divergent views, and total professionalism

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

The world has seen a spring of many tertiary educational institutions over the past 500 hundred years, but in Africa, the establishment of solid educational institutions can be said to be in its infancy, being more prominent as different countries got their independence within the past 80 years and realised the power and long term effects of guided knowledge which can only be attained through formal education.

Sadly, for the past 50 or so years, formal education began as a privilege of the financially elite and then those that were considered ‘intellectually capable’ regardless of whether they were determined to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

We saw the need and decided to step in.

As St Antony Universal College, we have opened our doors to all those who want to get tertiary education based more on their current determination more than their past educational performances. We are confident that such individuals are more capable of bringing feasible and substantial changes of situations, not only to themselves but to their society at large.

We firmly believe in a responsible, compassionate and respectful business operations in line with the Namibian Harambe values. In that light we envisage that we can be a leading tertiary training centre, adequately providing progressive and flexible legal and commercial education within Namibia and the SADC region.

As a Christian based organisation, we also believe in conservative Christian values that will aid in not just producing focused intellects but also wholesome individuals of impeccable characters and future leaders of high ethical levels supported by the perfectionist quality and inspiring professionalism in our service delivery.

That is why it is easy for us to know that in all we do, our focus will be achieving excellence:

For God and Country

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