The End Depends Upon The Beginning

The branches of the tertiary educational tree have spread from Gabarone and reached Windhoek and has opened its doors for you, in 2018

Why Choose St Antony Universal College

At St Antony Universal College, we have opened our doors to all that want to get a tertiary education based more on their current determination more than their past educational performance. We are confident that such individuals are more capable of bringing feasible and substantial changes of situations, not only to themselves but as well as to their society at large. This is also seen in our almost 50 programs which are appropriate within the developing landscape of Namibian political, economic and social spectrums.

We firmly believe in a responsible, compassionate and respectful operation of business in line with the Namibian Harambe values. In that light we envisage that we can be a leading tertiary training centre, adequately providing progressive and flexible legal and commercial education within Namibia and the SADC region.

On offer are programs from Certificate to Masters Level in fields such as Law, Pre-school education and Business. These courses will be offered via three modes of study:

  • Full Time

  • Part Time

  • Distance (with single contact sessions each month)

All these will be delivered by competent and driven lecturers who will make the learning experience bearable as well as beneficial.


AUC provides broad access to those who seek opportunities to study Law, Education, Commerce and Social Sciences in Namibia and the region through a focus on morality and social justice. We empower students to put their learning into action on campus and in the community.

AUC will be a leading tertiary education institution in the provision of innovative and flexible education in Namibia and the region, always upholding the principles of quality and professionalism in tertiary education services.

We do our business by serving the nation with responsibility, compassion and respect for divergent views to compliment national values. We will be open, frank and serving with excellence, integrity, accountability and professionalism.

  • Enrol, educate, and graduate the most deserving, promising, and diverse student body possible.
  •  Provide all students (undergraduate, graduate, professional) with an education that is innovative, distinctive, and of the highest quality, and that inspires in them a zest for learning.
  •  Recruit, nurture, and retain diverse citizens who are outstanding scholars, teachers and excellent staff members who provide outstanding support to institutional departments and students.
  •  Strengthen the public engagement of the college’s education, research, and clinical programs with local, national, and international communities, consonant with its stature as an academically distinguished private college with a public mission.
  • Increase the size and quality of departments in strategically important academic areas.
  •  Create and sustain a culture that supports teaching excellence in all academic units.
  •  Maintain and selectively strengthen in cost effective ways the core infrastructures for research, scholarship, and creativity, including in particular libraries and shared research facilities.
  • Broaden the diversity of faculty through new hires and enhanced retention efforts which then strengthens institutional structures that promote pedagogical innovations both centrally and within faculties and programs.
  •  Provide a more unified and shared educational experience for AUC undergraduates.
  • Strengthen institution-wide services for the administration and support of research (including government, foundation, and industry funding)




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